Avalon Offers CMS Lab Testing Insight for Medicare Advantage Programs

In response to the HHS Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Request for Information on Medicare, Avalon Healthcare Solutions explained how improving the management of lab testing can play a critical role in achieving value-based care.

In its RFI response, Avalon offered CMS insight into the processes and innovation that will enhance the quality and affordability of lab tests for our nation’s seniors. Those recommendations include:

  • Improving the prior authorization processes
  • Making lab testing cost-effective
  • Reducing medically unnecessary testing
  • Implementing innovative coding and quality assessment techniques to incentivize value-based care
  • Looking to lab results as evidence of accurate assessments on the severity of a patient’s health 

In a letter to CMS, Bill Kerr, M.D., CEO of Avalon, said: “Lab testing is the gateway for the diagnosis and treatment of many conditions. Accordingly, managing lab testing will make sure that Medicare beneficiaries get the right test at the right time in the right location and for the right price.” 

Read Avalon’s response to the CMS RFI on Medicare.

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