First Report Managed Care: How Lab Values Can Close the Gap Between Patients with Undiagnosed and Under-Staged Chronic Kidney Disease

Shulz Discusses How a Regional Plan Used Lab Value Insights to Detect and Treat CKD Patients Earlier

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is an insidious condition with devastating consequences when detected and treated too late. While primary care physicians usually make the initial diagnosis, regular screening is not routine for the general population, and the symptoms are nonspecific, making them difficult to detect.


Many health plans have programs to identify CKD patients but rely solely on analyzing claims data. In this First Report Managed Care article, Julie Schulz, MD, MPH, Avalon VP of Product discusses how a a pilot program in North Carolina and a similar study in South Carolina have shown the that using lab value analytics to improve the diagnosis and management of CKD can unlock health plan savings and improve patient engagement, and slow disease progression.

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