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There’s a lot more to lab network than meets the eye.

Principles of network management include ensuring access, service, and quality while optimizing cost.

  • Access: Having a broad network for routine testing is important for members and physicians. However, for genetic testing, having multiple genetic labs performing common tests such as BRCA is not helpful.
  • Service: Labs should support your initiatives including sharing of data, price transparency, and following health plans medical policies.  
  • Quality: Labs must have high quality standards including education to physicians so that the right test is ordered for a given clinical profile. “Bundling” of lab panels to promote usage of unnecessary tests should be avoided.
  • Cost: Price transparency, especially with the new No Surprise Act, is important given that sometimes simple lab tests vary by 500%+ based upon if they are performed at an independent lab versus a hospital outpatient.

With Avalon’s solutions-based approach to a curated lab network, you can ensure member access to clinically important testing, see the full picture of lab testing and results, and optimize costs and downstream value. It’s not just about lab preference but better performance. 

To learn how Avalon’s Select Genetic Network drives cost savings, reduces administrative burden, and simplifies genetic test management complexity, click here.

Avalon is flexible in its application of network solutions. You can continue to maintain direct contracts with the lab providers, or you can assign that responsibility to Avalon’s expert laboratory team. In all cases, Avalon can supplement your network resources through fee schedule analytics, technical assessment of emerging technologies and the determination of greater performance and efficiencies through collaboration with the participating labs. 

1. Avalon internal data analysis

Avalon’s Lab Insights Solutions work together to arm you with critical lab-driven insights to accelerate your value-driven care success.
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There is a 2 – 3x variance in lab test costs depending on test site or place of service.

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