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Ultimately, we’re here to help all. That’s the power of Avalon Lab Insights. The earlier we know more, the more we can do. To improve outcomes. To reduce waste and costs. To achieve value-driven care success.

Lab testing is the gateway for appropriate diagnosis and treatment care planning.

Seventy percent of critical patient treatment decisions are guided by lab results—from diagnosis to hospital admittance or discharge to medications—and have a disproportionate impact on spending throughout the care continuum. Health plans pay for broad lab testing for their members but have never unlocked and used lab data to its full potential.

Avalon believes that health plans should:

  • Only invest in things that will help the patient, provider, and payer
  • Drive the right outcomes while achieving cost alignment in real time
  • Reduce massive waste in time, money and uncertainly that are not helping to improve outcomes

For the first time ever, Avalon’s Lab Insights System can capture, digitize, and analyze lab results in real-time to deliver on this vision. It’s not just about the right test and right reimbursement. It’s about ensuring that the test results provide optimal value by informing patient care and treatment.

The pathway to value-based care success is now straighter, shorter.

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